Special Tools


Brushes, chisels, awls, wire wrapping tools and IC accessories are some categories of special hand tools. Good quality brushes, made of oil-hardened, tempered steel wire bristles, facilitate combing operations. Chisels are a long blade with a cutting edge and handle, used to shape metal. Chisels are available in various lengths and the best models are made of high-quality materials such as chrome vanadium steel, and hardened, tempered blades. Awls are pointed tools for making holes. Reamers, which come in different shapes, allow widening or finishing the holes. Wire wrapping tools facilitate the fast and easy removal of wrap connections. Wire wrapping guns, in contrast, facilitate making wrap connections. The best models are lightweight and sport an ergonomic design. Of the various IC accessories, an IC extractor facilitates the safe and easy removal of integrated circuits from sockets, without bending the socket pins. Vacuum pick-up pens, which feature suction pads, make it possible to pick up delicate and lightweight material without using tweezers and risking damaging the board. Multipurpose tools combine a host of functionality or individual tools, such as wire cutter, needlenose pliers, regular pliers, crimper, saw, file, bit drivers and more, into a single tool. The best tools are made with high-quality materials and offer a high degree of precision.