Cutting Pliers


Knives and scissors are the most common cutting tools. Knives are available in various types, such as folding knives, insulation cutting blades, scalpel blades, Mora knives, safety knives and more. Scissors, likewise, come in many types, such as shearing scissors, foldable pocket scissors, electricians scissors, clamping scissors, sheet metal shears and more. Each type suits various purposes. Scalpel blades have a curved cutting edge, useful for making incisions. A Mora knife is best suited to slicing jobs. Safety knives have the blade enclosed in a protective casing, with the slider springing back on release, through tension. Scissors with sharp edges are best to make fine cuts, whereas scissors with flatter edges are better suited for blunt and layer cutting. Electricians scissors are best suited for stripping electrical wires and other heavy-duty jobs. Sheet metal shears are heavy-duty scissors, to cut metal sheets. Each type of knife and scissors comes in various models, mainly differentiated by the blade length. A pipe cutter is another category of cutting tool, useful for cutting plastic pipes and hoses. The best knives and scissors are made of high-grade, hardened stainless steel. The quality depends on other factors as well, such as the craftsmanship, the extent of precision cutting that these tools deliver, and the quality of the grip or handles.