Optoelectronics & Displays


Our optoelectronics shop covers all of the essentials when it comes to sourcing, detecting and controlling light. These electrical-to-optical and optical-to-electrical transducers and instruments using them will cover all your optronics needs – and our quick overview over the whole category and the products it includes can prove it to you.Optroelectronics isn’t complete without LEDs, and we’re proud of our extensive range. We’ve got everything from COB LEDs, LED arrays, sub-miniature LEDs, LED testers, flashing LEDs, LEDs with series resistors, alternating current LEDs, IR LEDs, UV LEDs, LED clusters, LED light bars, light pipes, SMD LEDs, through hole LEDs, panel mounted LED indicators, PBC LED inducators to mounting materials for LEDs.Our other product offerings within optronics include displays (TFT, LED, LED, VFD, OLED plus accessories), fibre optic components (transmitters, receiver, transceivers and connectors), laser equipment like laser modules, laser diodes, lenses and optics for laser diodes as well as laser goggles, opto- and photocouplers (IGBT/MOSFET output, transistor output, Darlington output, TRIAC output, AC input and high speed/logic optocouplers), infrared products (photodiodes, phototransistors, receivers, proximity and pyroelectric sensors, conversion cards, transceivers, emitters) and optical detectors, sensors and switches – amongst those, transmissive couplers, reflective couplers, light sensors, biometric sensors, photodiodes and phototransistors.